The 2 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners To Make Money With

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What are the best affiliate programs for beginners?

I remember when I was a beginner affiliate marketer, it was hard to choose which affiliate program to start out promoting.

I had just finished setting up my first WordPress blog, this was an exciting time for me.

I was comfortable with the niche I had picked and I had a 3-month content plan set in action.

The only thing eluding me was which affiliate program I would start out with. It kept me up at night, it was a pain in my ass.

So the goal of this article is to remove that pain from your affiliate marketing journey. I’ve researched the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners to make money online with.

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners: Amazon Affiliate Network

What is the amazon affiliate network?

The Amazon associates network is one of the oldest and highest converting programs on the market. Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its affiliate network is also one of the largest in existence. gets 8 percent of its traffic from referrals, that’s almost 2.6 billion referral visitors a month.

In the United States Of America, takes part in 49 percent of all new online sales.

If you’re looking for the perfect passive income source, Amazon associates program is a great way to monetize your website or blog.

You would link out to helpful products that your readers can purchase on Amazon.

In return, you would receive a commission for referring the product sale to the Amazon website. The commission you collect will be between 1 and 10 percent of the sale price.

Why The Amazon Associates Program Is One Of The Best Affiliate Networks For Beginners.

There are plenty of reasons why the Amazon Affiliate Network is popular among beginning affiliate marketers. Some bloggers/ affiliate marketers build websites that are targeted towards a certain Amazon product.

For example, you could build a blog that you only write articles about Digital Marketing. These type of sites rank well in Google If you optimize them the right way.

Niche sites that are centered around one topic or a group of similar products, tend to do well with the Amazon Affiliate Network.

Amazon is not the highest paying network, their commission is on the lower end of the spectrum. So what’s great about getting a low commission? It doesn’t matter what your visitor buys on the site, you still get a commission.

So even if they click on a link that is connected to a book you decided to review, then they decide to purchase a Five thousand dollar TV, You still get the commission on the TV. People that shop on Amazon , tend to purchase more than one product at a time.

Amazon is one of the most trusted websites in the world, the majority of people are already making a purchase on Amazon. So its easier to make a sale.

Learn how to get started with the Amazon associates in 3 easy steps

Now you know that the Amazon affiliate network is great for beginners, it’s up to you to apply to the program.

STEP 1: Get A Domain and Setup Your WordPress Blog

Most of the affiliate programs require that you have a website to be approved to join their network. Some of them even check out your blog to make sure it’s up to par for network standards.

WordPress is very easy to learn and it’s not complicated to get setup. I will go into more detail about how to setup a blog in a future post.

SO in this order , this is how i want you to get setup;.

  1. choose the niche market that you want to target.
  2. Register A domain for your website
  3. Sign up with a hosting provider
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Setup your themes and plugins.

STEP 2: Write And Publish Your First Blog Posts

The Amazon associates program will reject your application for admission if your website does not have enough posted content. hold off on applying for the program for a couple of months. During this time you can focus on providing value and content for your readers.

Research and record lot’s of blog post ideas, this will help you commit to a schedule of postings. You will know for sure if blogging is a good fit for you after your first couple of months. If you can’t commit to posting new content on a regular basis you will fail at blogging.

Let’s be sure to create a mix of healthy valuable content and product review post. Your blog must provide real value and other types of posts, instead of just writing a post that only focuses on promoting a product to the reader.

You might be tempted to go after competitive keywords like “computers” or “buy computers.” You don’t stand a chance going up against powerhouses like or Walmart. It’s best to go after what is called “long tail keywords.” They have more than three words in the phrase, and the searchers are more likely to make a purchase.

STEP 3 Apply for the Amazon Associates Program

It’s been three months and your blog has quite of bit of content on it. Now is the time to apply for approval with the Amazon affiliate network. Navigate to and click on the ‘Join Now For Free: button.

best affiliate programs for beginners

Next, you will need to fill out some forms that include some of your personal information. Enter your websites correct URL and list any mobile apps you may have.

The part of the application below requires you to divulge information about your blog and the traffic methods you will be using to drive traffic to Amazon. You have the potential to make upwards of 10k per month with the amazons associates program. It’s important that you be completely honest on this part of the application, they want to make sure you are not using any black hat techniques to drive traffic.

OK, so the last step involves you providing your payment and tax information. I recommend waiting to see if you get approved before starting this process. It normally takes a few days for Amazon to get back to you about the status of your affiliate application.

Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners: Click Bank

What is Click Bank?

A lot of people think Click Bank is just like all of the other affiliate networks at your fingertips. Click Bank caters to both the product creator and the affiliate that promotes the product. This allows both parties to make money without having to worry about a bunch of bull shit details.

Click Bank Fulfills One Of Two Functions

  1. Marketplace For Affiliate Marketers

As a Beginning affiliate marketer, you will be able to dive right in and start promoting digital products right away. Real-time earning and thousands of products to promote are just some of the benefits of using Click Bank. There are plenty of beginner-friendly tutorials all over the internet, start out with YouTube.

There are no fees for joining Click Bank and beginners do not have to go through a rigorous approval process. It’s a very newbie friendly network and a great place to earn your first affiliate income.

2. E-Commerce Platform Great For Info Product Owners

As an information product owner, we just want to be able to market our product. Click Bank allows you to focus on marketing and they handle all of the eCommerce and they even offer you an affiliate program to work with.

There is a one time 49.95 activation fee, this covers the initiation, and it keeps low-quality vendors away from the marketplace. This is great if you want to stay away from the technical side of things. Keep in mind. Click bank takes one dollar plus 7.5% of your sales.

Why Click Bank Is Great For Beginners

Most affiliate marketers don’t see the advantage of promoting digital products with click bank. They would much rather promote more established products that the Amazon network provide.

Digital Education is a humongous market, Click Bank on its own produces a quarter billion dollars in sales every year. Information products provide high margins to their owners; it cost nothing to duplicate a video and sell it.

Because of these high profits, it’s not unusual for a click bank affiliate to make up to 75 percent commission. This gives affiliate marketers of all levels the change to make big profits consistently.

I’m fond of Click Bank, and it’s an excellent place for beginning affiliate marketers to start earning money online. Great place to learn the basics before advancing toward more sophisticated networks. You don’t need to get approved for the majority of the offers; this gives you the ability to start promoting right away.

What Are The Best Ways To Promote The Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners?

Email Marketing

As a beginning affiliate marketer building an email list is important, a sizable email list can generate more than a full-time income with the right marketing.

The best way to build an email list, offer some type of free download in exchange for your visitor’s email address. This download must have actual value to the reader and it needs to solve a specific problem.

If you’ve researched your niche properly then you should know about most of the pain points your target market is dealing with. Now it’s your job to put together some type of eBook, checklist, video, or resource guide. If you don’t consider yourself to be the creative type, you can always outsource your project.

How much money can you make with an email list?

The money is in the relationship that you build with your list. No matter how many people you have on your email list, you need to earn their trust before you can start selling to them.

Find out what problems they struggle with and get them to tell you their goals in life. Always respond to a person if they take the time out of their busy day to respond to one of your emails. Try to offer them valuable information, even if it means linking out to content that is not hosted on your site.

A lot of super affiliates and top marketers say that for every person on your email list, you should be able to earn 1 dollar per month. I don’t know if I agree that all niches are capable of making that much per subscriber, it all depends on how much value you can provide.

Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads for promoting Amazon and Click bank Offers can be very profitable if done right. Pretty much everybody that you know has some connection with Facebook, that means all niches have consumers posting on Facebook daily. The targeting capabilities that Facebook offers it, marketers, makes it possible to find just about any target market.

For example, if your niche is selling to pregnant women, Facebook gives you targeting options to get your ad in front of pregnant women willing to make a purchase.

It’s not legal to link directly to an affiliate product with Facebook ads. Don’t let this deter you; there are plenty of creative ways to bypass this and still stay within the rules.

I always create my own landing pages whenever I run Facebook ad campaigns. A landing page is a one-page site that is built to either get to them to click to another page or collect and email address.

This page gives you the ability to pre-sell the traffic before sending them to the actual affiliate offer. Pre-selling traffic will always give you a boost on your conversion rates which will increase your profits.

FYI always make sure your landing pages are all complaint with Facebook ad guidelines.

When you use Facebook Ads you are given the opportunity to use pictures in your promotions. Make sure the picture is interesting and relevant to whatever you’re promoting.

If you’re going to be spending money on ads make sure you take full advantage of split testing. In other words, test multiple images, different ad text, and different demographics. After a certain amount of ad spend, you should have the correct set of targeting to pour most of the ad budget into.

In conclusion, over the years I’ve found that the best affiliate programs for beginners are Amazon and Click Bank. Once you master one of these programs, it’s time to branch out to more niche specific affiliate networks.

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