What Is My Reason For Existing?


If you haven’t asked yourself this question, you’re probably the perfect human being. Why do we continue to wake up every morning, why do we persist to exist in a world where right and wrong is a matter of opinion. Over 3000 different religions around the globe, so you’re telling me there are over 3000 different gods that rule the people of earth.  I get it; some people need to look to the sky or a higher power for direction. The only thing that will change your circumstances; taking all-out action every day of your life. You can pray for change all day for the rest of your life; I bet you it doesn’t come with thoughts.

 Why do you pray for something to happen, you already know the necessary steps to get what you want. Why not take action, be the hero of your own story. You can’t feel bad for something that you genuinely want. If you let the fear of judgment interfere with your goals, You will never achieve anything!

So what’s my reason for Existing?

Are we going to die one day? So why not live your life doing what you want to do. Stop falling for the honeypots that are placed along the way. Decide to do something at a young age and spend the rest of your life trying to do it. I’m not saying don’t save for retirement, just know that you have plenty of other options besides a traditional 401k.  If you can’t come up with a reason for existing right away, don’t worry, nobody knows the reason they exist. It’s your job through trial and error to find out why you live.

Ok So I know Why I exist, So now what?

Great Question. Now you get to work, start making shit happen from activities that you have control over. You still need to work 40 hours, but you have to commit to a couple of hours a day working on your craft/ your reason for existing. It’s not going to be easy, nothing worth anything is. Don’t get discouraged by your age; you can wake up the next day and be a completely different person then you were the prior day. Stop dwelling on the past or the past you. We all make mistakes, learn how to deal with them and move on.

What next?

Now it’s time for you to take some ownership of why you’re not where you want to be in life. Stop being lazy and most importantly stop overthinking. You will never have all of the answers if you know the basics you can get started and learn what you need to know on your journey forward. There might be some questions that haven’t been answered yet; You have no chance of solving them if you don’t start growing as a person. Stop doubting yourself; self-doubt is the number one killer of all hopes and dreams. Your brain is capable of understanding almost anything, stop being lazy and take the time to learn.


Learn how to set goals and hold yourself accountable when it comes to achieving those goals. If you have problems focusing like me, Goals are the only way to keep on track. I know is cliche, but try and be a better person then you were the prior day. You have to start looking on the inside to see what you are made of. I promise you if you take the next year and try and change and put in the work. This year will be more productive then all the years of your life combined.

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