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Funnel Method: Helping Chiropractors Double Their Patient List

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It’s no big secret; Facebook is a place where any business owner can find their ideal client and get in front of them at the right time. My company Fessahazion Media Specializes in helping chiropractors increase foot traffic and ultimately increase profit. The method I’m about to explain below will outline a complete marketing system for your practice, which will generate targeted leads that turn into new customers. These new customers, who will be ecstatic about your services, they will send you referrals. I believe in utilizing automation as much as possible, so yes, this method can be automated, and I recommend doing so. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn about my Chriopracter Funnel Method.


What Exactly Is A Funnel?

A correctly built funnel could help you grow your practice, and the ROI is Amazing. A funnel is a way of guiding your potential customer down a path you have chosen; the end goal is making them take an action you’ve chosen.


So let’s go ahead and think about the steps that you have to go through when you purchase from Amazon.

  • You have to make it to, either directly or through a third party.
  • The customer has to view and choose a product to buy
  • The product is then added to their shopping cart
  • The customers make a purchase

So why would these set of steps be described as a funnel?

Let’s say we get 100k visitors to our main page; this number will shrink by about 95 percent once we reach the last step of the process. That’s the beauty of it; it allows you to weed out the tire kickers and get to the buyers. In the case of a Chiropractor, we would be trying to get people to schedule appointments.



Above we have a particular type of funnel design to sell products online


As you can see, the top of the funnel has the most website visitors, only people who have an interest in your service will move further down your funnel. Tracking purchases are not the only way to take advantage of marketing funnels. If you wanted to track newsletter signups, email subscribers, how many times a page is viewed, you can have as many mini funnels as your heart desires. Do me a favor, figure out what your goals are and what you want your website visitors to do on the site, you can create a funnel for it.


Why Are Funnels Important?

If you analyze your funnel statistics, you can see where in the process you’re losing customers. Knowing why you are losing customers would allow you to make on the fly adjustments to your funnel and recoup some of the lost customers.

OK, so the rest of the article will go into detail about the specific steps within a marketing funnel. Let’s have some Fun.


Step One: Lead Magnet To Obtain Email Addresses(This is where the real ROI is)

Once the traffic lands on your landing page; we want them to give us some personal information; preferably name and email. Before someone is willing to give over their private information, they need to trust you.  Create a piece of content, maybe a how to list, seven things to do to alleviate back pain, etc. The goal is to offer this content as a free download in exchange for their email address.

You don’t have to write an award-winning novel for a lead magnet. If you’re not the writing type, hire someone on one of the freelance sites to write a lead magnet for you. Creating a lead magnet is a great idea, you can use it in multiple places to help build out your email list.

Step Two: Attracting Customers To Your Funnel landing page (TOP OF FUNNEL)

Once we build your landing page for you, your next goal is to get targeted traffic from Facebook and Instagram; this traffic will convert into new patients for you.  Please pay attention to this point on; the first step is critical to the success of your campaign. Without traffic, your landing page doesn’t stand a chance.

 Let’s break down the different methods of getting traffic to your landing page

Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads are going to be your bread and butter when it comes to what traffic source you use the most. Just think about it, everyone is on Facebook, so all of your customers are on Facebook. If you master Facebook ads, your practice will bloom. So what exactly are Facebook ads? They allow you to target your buyer persona on the most significant social network in the world. So for instance, you want to target people who have pain from a particular ailment. You can do that.  You can’t outright type; I want to see everybody that has arthritis. You know the symptoms, you know the pain medicine that is taken, and you know the age range of your target client. You get the picture now?

Email Marketing:

I hope you’ve been collecting your client’s email addresses over the years. If you send out a monthly e-newsletter, you can remind people of the pain and that you to have a solution for them. Trust me it works; you have to start getting all of your customer’s email addresses. If you have a slow week, send out an email blast to all of your 500 or whatever amount of subscribers. Someone is sure to come in the office. Always have a link to your landing page in any of the emails correspondence you send out. People are curious by nature; they like to click on shit. Don’t ever send emails to a list that was purchased; your conversion rate will be horrible because the customers don’t know who you are.

Local SEO:

When someone needs your services, they will google “chiropractor near me” you want to come up first if at all possible.  So how does Google determine who has the best chance of showing up first? Reviews are a big part of it, and local citations of your business name and address also help. We can go into more detail about local SEO in another more granular blog post.

Quora is a website that will allow you to establish yourself an Authority in your field. Let’s say someone has a question about neck pain and joint pain. You as a Chrisprocat can answer that question. Over time your answers will build up views and link back to your profile. In your profile is where you would link to your landing page. I know some service-based professionals who get all of their leads from  Anytime I work with a new business that has no source of traffic; I always recommend starting out with Quora first. Spend 1-2 hours a day answering questions and profit.

Share Your Expertise:

If and only if you like to write, you can share your knowledge in the form of a blog post on other websites. Leave a link back to the landing page. A free way to help build brand awareness for your chiropractic practice. Feeling brave? Start a Youtube channel and create short but value filled videos. Video converts the best on Facebook and other social networks.


Step Three: Building Out the Parts Of The Funnel


So once you get traffic to the landing page and someone submits their personal information, this is when the funnel starts to do its magic.

         Thank You Page:

The thank you page is probably the most critical part of your marketing funnel. This is the page that your potential clients see right after they submit their information on the landing page. So the first thing you want to do is tell your lead to check their email and confirm their subscription. You would be surprised at how many people forget to verify their email when joining your list as a new subscriber.


       Confirmation Page:

The confirmation page is the second most crucial part of your funnel. On this page, you can interact with your potential clients on an emotional level. If you have any kind of motto, it could go here. LOGO etc. Make them feel like they were the ones that win by signing up for your list.


Landing Page

Ask yourself, would you sign up if you landed on your page? If not, then you need to start over. A good landing page has more than one call to action, pictures and graphics, and copywriting that appeals to your target audience. I recommend that you hire someone to create your first landing page, even better also hire someone to handle the copywriting. We’re talking about a 100-200 dollars investment in your practice. This investment will pay off 300x’s in the long run. Content used to be king; Video stole the show. Try and create a video about 60 seconds in length, talk about the features and the benefits that you can offer them and end the video with a great call to action.


In conclusion, this method can be used to grow your chiropractic practice tenfold if applied correctly. If you have any question, please reach out by email.











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